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The Conservation Heroes

​Around the world people are fascinated with wild animals and wild places. An Indianapolis Prize Hero is someone who has lived in the wild, been shot at by poachers, spent tireless days and weeks in the blazing heat, freezing temperatures, tropical downpours, and all the while remaining champions for their cause. They are committed to saving the endangered animals of our planet. The Winners, Finalists and Nominees of the Indianapolis Prize are extraordinary conservationists whose contributions to animal conservation efforts have resu​​​lted in the long-term sustainability of an animal species or group of species.

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​Empowering Educators

​To connect classroom learning with the heroic wonders of Indianapolis Prize, t​he Conservation Hero Profiles were created to provide educators with the opportunity to teach students about the men and women who are saving wildlife and improving our planet for future generations. 

Written for a 3rd to 5th grade audience, these profiles can be used as a reading assignment, an inspiration for writing or a launching point for further research.


These are the individuals making a real difference for our planet. 


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